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"Filling a space in a beautiful way. That is what art means to me."

Georgia O'Keeffe was and is considered one of the greatest female artists of the 20th century. Best known for her still-life paintings, O'Keeffe carved her niche early on with the help of Alfred Stieglitz and his Gallery 291. She painted natural settings at their most basic; large-scale flowers, bones and landscapes. O'Keeffe captured the raw brilliance of nature that only she could see and exposed us to its beauty.

While most people may not be as familiar with O'Keeffe as they are with Picasso or van Gogh, we have most certainly, at one time or another, been exposed to her work. She is most notably famous for her paintings of large, oversized flowers. Her first such painting was created in 1924 and gained a good deal of buzz in the art world. What is also unique about O'Keeffe's work is that while she painted nature, landscapes, bones, and city structures, not once did she venture to paint people in all her work.

This site offers a bounty of information on Georgia O'Keeffe. You will find the information very direct, with no embellishments, much like Georgia O'Keeffe prints, which were painted as they were seen. You will find information regarding:

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