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Find The Locations of Georgia's Paintings

Have you ever wanted to see a Georgia O'Keeffe original? Listed below you will find the locations of many of her paintings (as some are still part of private collections or are not part of permanent collections).



The Art Institute of Chicago (

Black Cross, New Mexico, 1929


Red Hills with Flowers, 1937


Sky Above Clouds IV, 1965

Butler Institute of American Art (

Cottonwood III, 1944

Georgia O'Keeffe Museum (


Metropolitan Museum of Art (

A Storm, 1922


Red, White, and Blue, 1931

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (

White Rose with Larkspur, No. 2, 1927

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (

Red Hills with White Shell, 1938

Museum of Modern Art (

Evening Star, III. 1917

National Gallery of Art (

The Shell, 1934, charcoal on laid paper


Black, White, and Blue, 1930,


Jack-in-the-Pulpit No II, 1930


Jack-in-the-Pulpit No III, 1930


Jack-in-the-Pulpit No IV, 1930,


Jack-in-the-Pulpit No V, 1930


Jack-in-the-Pulpit No VI, 1930,


Line and Curve, 1927


Shell No. 1, 1928


Sky Above White Clouds I, 1962,

National Museum of Women in the Arts (

Alligator Pears in a Basket, 1921

North Carolina Museum of Art (

Cebolla Church, 1945

Albright-Knox Art Gallery (

Green Patio Door, 1955

Amarillo Museum of Art (

Train at Night in the Desert, 1916

Amon Carter Museum (

Dark Mesa and Pink Sky, 1930

Arizona State University Art Museum (

Red Canna c. 1923


Horse's Skull on Blue, 1930

Brauer Museum of Art (

Rust Red Hills, 1930

Brooklyn Museum of Art (

Brooklyn Bridge, 1948

Cantor Center for Visual Arts (

Seaweed, 1927

Cleveland Museum of Art (

Morning Glory with Black, 1926


White Pansy, 1927


White Flower, 1929


Sunflower, New Mexico, I, 1935


Cliffs Beyond Abiquiu, Dry Waterfall, 1943


Dead Tree with Pink Hill, 1945


It Was Yellow and Pink II, 1959

Dayton Art Institute

Purple Leaves, 1922

Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco (

Untitled (New York),circa 1925 - 1930

Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art (

Cos Cob, 1926

Heckscher Museum of Art (

Machu Picchu (Peruvian Landscape), 1956

Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden(

Black Hills with Cedar, 1941-1942


Goat's Horn With Red, (1945)

Indianapolis Museum of Art (

Jimson Weed, 1936-37

Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art (

Autumn Trees—Chestnut Tree, 1924


Maple and Cedar, 1922


Yellow Jonquils # 3, 1936

Maier Museum of Art (

Yellow Cactus, 1940

Memorial Art Gallery (

Adah Mann, 1907


Jawbone and Fungus, 1930


Untitled Abstraction, c.1923

Milwaukee Art Museum (

Poppies, 1950.

Museum of Fine Arts, Florida

Poppy, 1927

National Portrait Gallery (

Beauford Delaney, pastel drawing, 1943

New Britain Museum of American Art (

East River from the 30th Story of Shelton Hotel, 1928

New Orleans Museum of Art (

My Back Yard, 1937

Philadelphia Museum of Art (

Red Hills and Bones, 1941

Princeton University Art Museum (www.

Narcissa's Last Orchid, 1941

Saint Louis Art Museum (

Birch Trees at Dawn on Lake George, c.1923

San Diego Museum of Art (

Pink Shell with Seaweed, 1937


White Trumpet Flower, 1932


Purple Hills Near Abiquiu, 1935

Smithsonian American Art Museum (www.

Yellow Calla, 1926

Spencer Museum of Art (www.

Pink and Green Mountain #1, 1917

Stark Museum of Art (

Not From My Garden

The Newark Museum (www.

Purple Petunias, 1925

Weisman Art Museum (www.

Oriental Poppies, 1928


Oak Leaves, Pink and Gray, 1929

Whitney Museum of American Art (

Music—Pink and Blue II, 1919

Georgia O'Keeffe Museum (

Vast collection (over 130 paintings, pastels, watercolors…)



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